The Sunset Chinese Cultural District (SCCD) mission is to preserve, enhance, and promote the contributions of the Chinese and Chinese-American people in the Sunset by elevating their voices and socioeconomic needs. We lead with our shared cultural history to foster an inclusive environment that embraces diverse avenues for creative and artistic expression.

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Sunset Resource Guide

This resource guide is a partnership with the District 4 Youth and Families Network (D4YFN). It collectively has over 288 years of community knowledge and on-the-ground experience serving more than 32,000 San Franciscans and Sunset community members.

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The Sunset Chinese Cultural District hosts three annual events for the wider Sunset community.

We also support a wide range of events from our community partners. See below for information about upcoming events.

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Founding Partners

Legislated in July of 2021, the SCCD is dedicated to place-making and place-keeping for San Francisco’s Chinese community and the only cultural district on the city’s west side.


  • ASIAN, Inc.
  • Chinese Cultural Center
  • Chinese Historical Society of America
  • North East Medical Services
  • People of Parkside Sunset
  • San Francisco Heritage
  • Self-Help for the Elderly
  • Sunset Mercantile
  • Wah Mei