The Sunset Chinese Cultural District (SCCD) mission is to preserve, enhance, and promote the contributions of the Chinese and Chinese-American people in the Sunset by elevating their voices and socioeconomic needs. We lead with our shared cultural history to foster an inclusive environment that embraces diverse avenues for creative and artistic expression.

Legislated in July of 2021, the SCCD is dedicated to place-making and place-keeping for San Francisco’s Chinese community and the only cultural district on the city’s west side.

Our Values

Develop and Sustain Culture: embedding the Chinese and Chinese American culture in our activities and actions.

Collaboration: working collectively with organizations and people across the Sunset to achieve our mission.

Community: leading with our community at the forefront; that we remain true to the multigenerational Chinese families, youth, and elders who live in the Sunset and seek to ensure we have a safe environment to live and thrive.

Inclusivity: ensuring our intent to improve the lives of the Chinese and Chinese American diaspora which includes extending access and success for the entire Sunset community, regardless of background. 

Our founding partners include

  • ASIAN, Inc. 美亞輔鄰社
  • Chinese Cultural Center 舊金山中華文化中心
  • Chinese Historical Society of America 美國華人曆史學會
  • North East Medical Services 東北醫療中心
  • People of Parkside Sunset
  • San Francisco Heritage
  • Self-Help for the Elderly 安老自助處
  • Sunset Mercantile 日落區商貿
  • Wah Mei 華美學校

Legislation (English Only)