March 23, 2024

On Saturday March 23, 2024 the SCCD held our first bilingual English and Chinese Draft Community Strategies Meeting to refine our strategies outlined in our Cultural History, Housing, and Economic Sustainability Strategies (CHHESS) Report. 

The CHHESS Report is an agreement between the City and the Cultural District on ways we can partner to stabilize and uplift our community. CHHESS issue areas include:

  • Historic and Cultural Preservation
  • Tenant Protections and Affordable Housing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Economic & Workforce Development
  • Land use
  • Cultural Competency

Our strategies are rooted in supporting and uplifting the Sunset Chinese community, and we recognize it has the potential to support the entire Sunset community, regardless of their background.

We're happy to come to your meetings to share the information and solicit feedback. If interested, reach out to Diane at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to coordinate a date/time.